Capital Projects

LWTech Capital ProjectsIn order to build, renovate, or maintain campus buildings and infrastructure, all state agencies are dependent on state funds allocated for that purpose.  Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) submits requests for funding to the State Board for Technical and Community Colleges (SBCTC). These requests are made during the current biennium (a specified period of two years) for the next biennium on a strict calendar. A great deal of work goes into preparing a capital request. 

Current Projects

  • 2020-11 HR/Classroom
    • This project entails a renovation of the back half of HR and an expansion of the classroom W408. The pre-bid walkthrough is February 19th with work occurring over spring and summer quarter.
  • 2020-010 Culinary Phase II
    • A well needed renovation to the restaurant cook line is taking place this summer. This will not only replace failed/failing equipment but add equipment that was not available 30 years ago.
  • 2020-245 East 2nd Floor restroom
    • The pair of restrooms on east second floor, close to the dean’s area, are getting repair work done. The floor pan has failed causing water to leak to the spaces below and the toilet hangers have failed. This work will likely result in safer spaces but it is not a restroom modernization.
  • 2020-246 Tech Water Mitigation
    • Phase II of the tech center walkway project where we are installing storefront windows to enclose the walkways shielding them from the rain that is damaging the structure.
  • 2020-244 Pedestrian lighting and sidewalk replacement
    • Lighting replacement has begun on the west 2nd floor patio and the asphalt sidewalk leading to the back half of the south parking lot has been replaced and the ADA upgraded.
  • Esco Shop Heating
    • Installation of up to 12 air and heating units that service the shops. The shops heating energy accounts for 25% of the campus winter time electricity bill so this project is being ran as an energy reduction project.
  • 2020-273 West Bldg. HVAC Upgrade
    • The west building rooftop compressors are being replaced this summer along with the HVAC controls throughout the west building. As part of this project the college will receive a modern digital control package for the entire campus.
  • 2020-581 Bakery Door
    • The broken bakery door is being replaced by a sliding glass mall door which will enhance the utilization of this space.

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