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CDC's image of coronavirus cellPlease give to LWTech Foundation's newly created student emergency fund specifically for LWTech students directly impacted by COVID-19.

Spearheaded by LWTech donors James Kinsella and Robert McNeal

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Please Give to Support LWTech Students Impacted by COVID-19

Many of our hardworking, highly motivated students have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. To date, a total of 45 students have been placed in a 14-day self-quarantine given direct exposure to the Coronavirus. As a result, these students, many of whom are parents or sole providers of their families, are unable to work at part or full time jobs and need aid with groceries, rent assistance and basic living expenses such as medication, utilities, and diapers for children, during this time.

As the situation develops, we are also seeing more and more students, particularly our veteran and work study students, negatively impacted due to college closure which is necessary to slow community spread of the virus.

Please give today to help us meet the matching challenge led by James Kinsella and Robert McNeal, who have provided a challenge grant of $25,000 to set up a special student emergency fund to support LWTech students specifically impacted by COVID-19. Our goal is to make sure our students adversely impacted by this crisis is supported with basic needs during this time.

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The mission of LWTech Foundation is to actively engage business and the community in supporting LWTech, its students, and its role in building a strong economy.

What We Do

The Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization established to raise money and provide support for LWTech students, faculty, staff, and programs. The LWTech Foundation provides hardworking and highly motivated students with scholarships and emergency financial assistance, enabling them to pursue their academic and career goals.

The LWTech Foundation also provides support for instructional programs, including: funds for materials, equipment and projects, professional development opportunities for faculty, and opportunities for students to compete in regional and national competitions. Lastly, the LWTech Foundation plays a vital role in developing and maintaining relationships with corporations, businesses, community organizations, and individuals for the benefit of the college.