Lake Washington Institute of Technology's LWTech Foundation proudly offers a variety of merit and need-based scholarships open to students enrolled or enrolling at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) in the fall and spring of each academic year.  

2021 Fall quarter scholarship applications are now closed.

The Foundation will be reaching out to students who will be receiving a scholarship soon!

2022 Spring quarter scholarship application period will open in the fall.

Scholarship FAQs

When will I know if I received a scholarship?

All students will receive a notification to their LWTech student email address no later than March 15, 2020.

Why do I need to provide my LWTech SID and LWTech student email address?

LWTech Foundation needs to be able to verify your identity in order to consider you for a scholarship. Your LWTech SID, LWTech student email address, and date of birth are required for these purposes. If we cannot verify your identity, we will not be able to consider you for a scholarship.

What happens if there is a problem with my application after I submit it?

Before February 4th, you can log back into your application, make whatever changes you need and resubmit your application.

After February 4th, we will gladly work with you to correct any problem that affects your eligibility for scholarships up until scholarship decisions have been announced. Please contact us for any help you need. If the Foundation realizes a correction needs to be made, we will email you at your LWTech email address. Please check your email regularly to ensure you don't miss an important email from us.

Do I need to apply for financial aid in order to be eligible for scholarships?

When awarding scholarships,  reviewing a student's financial aid record is an important part of understanding financial need. If you are eligible to apply for financial aid, we strongly encourage you to apply. If you are an F1 Visa student, a student without a high school degree or GED, or are otherwise not eligible to apply for FAFSA/WASFA then you do not need to apply for financial aid. If you are only eligible for financial aid loans, you can still apply for FAFSA/WASFA; you do not need to accept/receive financial aid in order to be eligible for a scholarship.

I received a scholarship; what next?

Your scholarship letter should include instructions on next steps, how you can access the scholarship, and how you can use the scholarship. The Foundation works closely with the financial aid department to distribute funds. It is a manual process to enter in scholarships and release the funds to your account; both departments are committed to processing funds as quickly as possible. You can reach out to either department to receive a status update.

I didn't receive a scholarship, why not?

Unfortunately, the Foundation receives more applications than we have available scholarship funds so highly qualified, excellent students are denied a scholarship through no fault of their own. If you want to learn more about what you can do differently on the next application, please contact us. We strive to support as many students as possible and are happy to help.

I haven't heard anything, does that mean I didn't receive a scholarship?

The Foundation will tell all students by March 15th regardless of if they received a scholarship. If it is after March 15th and you haven't heard anything, please contact us. There may have been a problem with the email system.

  1.  Take advantage of our campus resources:
    • The Learning Lab offers drop-in support for any LWTech student (no appointment needed) where you can receive one-on-one tutoring to get help on your scholarship essays. Each meeting is 20 minutes long and you can sign-in as many times as needed.
    • TRIO offers support to students who are low-income, students who are first-generation to college, and students with disabilities. They offer wrap around services, including one-on-one tutoring and help filling out scholarship applications. Please reach out to TRIO to learn more about if you would qualify for their support.
  2. Everyone has a story. Tell us things we will remember. This is your chance to talk directly to the committee and give them a reason to select you for a scholarship. The scholarship decision committee carefully reviews the essays in order to learn about you, understand who you are as a student, and why a scholarship is important to you. As you answer the essay questions, you should:
    • Address the question of why the scholarship committee should give you money. Explain what your financial need is and how a scholarship will keep you in school.
    • You do not have to rewrite your essays each time you apply, but please review your essays and update them with new information or additional details to allow the decision committee to learn more about you
    • Discuss how you meet or exceed specific scholarship requirements and qualifications.
    • Explain how a scholarship award will make you more successful in the pursuit of your educational and career goals. We consider a scholarship award to be our investment in you.
    • Tell us about your aspirations. Talk about what you will do with your education. Discuss why you are passionate about your education and career goals. 
    • Do not be afraid of your personal story. Every student has a background, challenges you have faced, lessons you have learned, reasons that you are in school and in your chosen major. Share that with the committee. Your story is kept confidential and will not be shared outside of the decision making process.
  3. Proofread your application.
  4. Apply for every scholarship. Most scholarships only require the main application, but there are a few that have additional questions. If you are eligible for a scholarship that asks you to submit a follow-up question, please do so! We cannot consider you for a scholarship with follow-up questions unless you have submitted those questions.
  5. Reach out to the Foundation (contact information above) if you have questions, need help, or aren't sure if you understand how to complete the application. We are happy to help!

Questions? Issues?

Contact Information
  • For questions please email Alysen Laakso or call (425) 739-8100 x8498.
  • You can also contact Alysen to schedule a Zoom appointment if you like to meet one-on-one.

Scholarship Application Privacy Policy

The LWTech Foundation will use the AwardSpring program to collect, hold, use, and compile scholarship applications.

How We Use Data

All collected data through the AwardSpring program may be available to the following parties: Lake Washington Institute of Technology and LWTech Foundation employees, LWTech Foundation board members serving on the Scholarship Reviewing Committee, and any scholarship donors involved in the reviewing process.

The data is not released to anyone else unless approved by the applicant.

The LWTech Foundation will use the phone number and email address provided by the applicant for communication purposes. Applicants will not be approached by any parties other than the LWTech Foundation staff unless otherwise agreed by applicant.

Contact us at the LWTech Foundation with any questions.