Living Well @LWTech

The purpose of Living Well @LWTech is to assist employees by promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is designed to educate, motivate, and support the LWTech staff in taking charge of their personal health and wellness. Through living a healthy lifestyle, staff will be energized and engaged in the success of the college community.

We define wellness as incorporating these aspects.

LWTech Wellness

  • Physical - Fitness, Nutrition, Medical Health
  • Intellectual - Education, Learning
  • Emotional - Coping, Feelings
  • Social - Interaction, Relationships
  • Occupational - Security, Balance, Fulfillment
  • Spiritual - Values Systems

2021 Summer Challenge

Summer Wellness Challege Logo/ Text on logo: LWTech Living Well Summer Challnege; We may be separated by distance, but we're getting healthier together!

2021 Dates TBA Soon!

The LWTech Living Well Committee is committed to helping our colleagues achieve balance in their well-being despite the drastic changes to our everyday lives we've experienced in this past year. The 2021 Summer Challenge will run in July and August again this year. This year's challenge is designed to help LWTech employees practice and learn healthy, wellness-based habits in a world transformed.

Stay-at-Home Wellness Program

Maintaining healthy practices is even more important during stressful, difficult times. Those same circumstances can also make following through on those practices more of a challenge. To help make it a little easier, The Living Well @LWTech committee created the Stay-at-Home Wellness Program.

Modified from the Summer Wellness Program, track what you are doing for your mental and physical health, and don't be afraid to use this time to explore! You can also share what you're doing on the Living Well @LWTech Facebook page. Maintaining our community - even from home - can be a powerful thing!

Download the Stay-at-Home Wellness Challenge Tracker and check the list of possible activities you can do from home. Don't forget to check back regularly for updated ideas and don't be afraid to add your own to the list!


The Washington State Employee Assistance program has much to offer WA State employees to help bridge areas of concern related to the workplace, including wellness.

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All LWTech employees can use the Fitness Center and its equipment at no cost! The center also offers free fitness testing assessments, individualized training, or assistance with gym equipment. The Fitness Center offers showers and clothes lockers to bicyclists and walkers. 

Fitness Center

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