EDI Work While White

EAG Contact: Shelia Walton

EDI Work While White EAG Purpose

The EDI Work While White group will be for employees, who share the historical and socialized identity of being White, to talk about how being a White person impacts their ability and skills in navigating an EDI environment. The intent for this group will be to talk about being White and how the socialized experience living in a majority White culture (pacific northwest), working in a predominantly White college, impacts their ability to serve a diverse community. I would like to use a syllabus style approach to build learning opportunities, that will most likely focus on reflection of questions. For example, questions that were asked in the "Me and White Supremacy" (Saad) book, or resource questions from "White Fragility" (DiAngelo), or "White Trash. The 400 year untold history of class in America" (Isenberg). Members will be encouraged to share their experience and ask tough questions about being White wanting to support EDI work and where pitfalls exist