LWTech Dads

LWTech Dads Group Purpose

The "LWTech Dads Group" would be for LWTech employee dads who are striving to balance the demands of providing an income for their family, as well as being a present father in their children's lives. This EAG would bring together working fathers at the college, to provide a time and space to share their experiences, struggles, and solutions on how to be both good employees and good dads. Furthermore, this EAG would address the traditional societal & systemic pressures placed on dads, and consider more specific cultural or racial pressures, roles, or stereotypes that some dads may experience.

Benefit to the College

This EAG would benefit the college, by promoting the participating employees' overall productivity and morale, and it would benefit our community by promoting positive fatherly role-models for our children, families, colleagues, and students