Group Employee Contact: Sam Gracie

LWTech-Quiltbag+ EAG Mission

The mission of the Quiltbag+ EAG at LWTech is to foster a feeling of community, inclusion and safety for LGBTQIA2S+ staff and faculty. Have a place to discuss our unique experiences, struggles, triumphs, and in doing so, learn from each other. We aim to have a relaxed, fun time and provide opportunities to bond and grow together. 

  • Build an inclusive community and safe space for queer staff and faculty
  • Encourage friendships and bonding over shared experiences (off-campus activities!)
  • Educate ourselves on the experiences and struggles of different people within our community, without being expected to put in the emotional labor of educating those outside the community (there may be opportunities for that type of outreach, but that isn't a main focus of the group at this point)