Outcomes Assessment

Students come to college for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of the reason, it is the goal of Lake Washington Institute of Technology to offer its students an education, including general skills and knowledge, critical for success in life as well as the technical skills to become employed in their chosen field.

At LWTech we ensure this goal through the process of assessment. The purpose of assessment is to identify student learning outcomes, teach and assess the outcomes with the goal of increasing student learning AND to provide evidence that students are learning. In practice, outcomes assessment is meaningful when the information learned is applied to future decisions driving instructional improvement.

The Office of Outcomes Assessment supports assessment of each of the colleges institution wide student learning outcomes (Global Outcomes), program specific learning outcomes and also supports program review and individual program accreditation needs.

For more information please contact Sally Heilstedt, M.A., Coordinator, Assessment and Development (425) 739-8233.

Global Outcomes

Lake Washington Institute of Technology identifies five Global Outcomes - institution wide student learning outcomes - that all students graduating from LWTech should have to be successfully prepared for today's careers and tomorrow's opportunities.

Based on the work done to define each Global Outcome, instructors determine where in their curricula the outcomes are naturally being taught, create or refine current classroom level assessments to assess each of the Global Outcomes, and apply a college developed rubric for assessment purposes. Instructors report the assessment used to determine the students' levels of proficiency in the Global Outcome using a standardized college rubric developed by the Educational Assessment Committee. Each degree program teaches and assesses each Global Outcome at least two times in a degree granting program and at least one time in a certificate of proficiency granting program. The college decided to start assessing the Global Outcome of Critical Thinking as a pilot in 2007 and has since gone through a full-assessment cycle with each of the Global Outcomes.

Global Outcomes Assessment Cycle

Gloubal Outcomes Assessement Cycle


2015-2016: Communication, Teamwork, and Information Literacy

2015-2016: Communication, Teamwork, and Information Literacy