Brand Center

The Brand Center serves as a resource to bring together visual, stylistic and messaging elements. It exists to provide the tools and useful assets you need to further LWTech's mission through communications, websites, products, and more. It explains the use of logos, fonts, colors, images, and messaging to solidify who we are, what we look like, and how we talk about Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Check out the issue highlights for the latest changes.

Understanding of the branding elements is essential to the success of LWTech.

Take the time to review this page and share the information with those responsible for producing materials for LWTech. 

The LWTech Brand Guide


Brand Guide Issue Highlights


See full change details on the Communications and Marketing Updates page.

  • Updated brand guidelines and messaging
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology and LWTech Logos are Trademarked
  • LWTech Bug Logo
  • Lions Logo is Trademarked
  • Introduction of School Icons
  • Added accessibility guidelines
  • Updated templates for flyers, presentations slides