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Payroll Services at Lake Washington Institute of Technology is dedicated to provide accurate and timely compensation payments while working within the guidelines of the college policies and procedures, bargained agreements, and state and federal laws and regulations.

We strive to achieve excellent customer service through quality and responsive service in all payroll operations while maintaining a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Time & Leave Reporting

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The Time & Leave Reporting (TLR) system is an electronic time recording system that's designed for use by both overtime eligible and overtime ineligible college employees. Most classified, part-time hourly/temporary, and Work-Study (student employees) are overtime eligible and must record all hours worked in TLR. Administrators, classified, exempt, and full-time faculty also use TLR to report the leave they have taken.

Submission Dates

You must submit TLR timesheets twice a month on the 15th and last working day of the month. If those days fall on a regular day off or a weekend, you must submit your timesheet on your last working day before the due date. If you're unsure of the submission dates, view the due date calendar:

Payroll Calendar: Jan. - Dec. 2015

Payroll Calendar: Jan-Dec. 2016

Payroll Calendar: Jan-Dec. 2017

Late Submissions

Failure to submit a timesheet to your supervisor and/or to Payroll Services can cause a delay in receiving a paycheck. Payroll Services will process and pay late timesheets that aren't submitted by the deadlines on the next pay cycle.

Timesheet Status

Status Label

This means...

"In Process"

The timesheet was not submitted to the supervisor and is still in process by the employee.

"Awaiting Supervisor Approval"

The timesheet is ready for the supervisor's review, but wasn't submitted to Payroll Services.

"Sent to Payroll"

The supervisor has approved and submitted the timesheet to Payroll Services.

"Processed by Payroll"

Payroll Services has processed the timesheet.

Who Uses TLR?

Overtime eligible employees

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires records to be kept on total hours worked each day and each workweek for overtime eligible employees to determine when they're eligible to receive overtime compensation. By submitting your electronic timesheet you're certifying that the hours you reported accurately reflects the hours worked and the leave taken.

Overtime ineligible employees

Overtime ineligible employees are typically exempt professional-technical, faculty, and administrative staff. Overtime ineligible employees do not report all hours worked but will use TLR to report all leave taken.

These employees must input their leave hours for each pay period they have leave transactions. By submitting your leave electronically, you're certifying that the information you reported accurately reflects the leave taken.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available to all employees, including hourly and Work-Study. You will need to fill out the direct deposit form and submit it to Payroll Services.

Download Direct Deposit Form