Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from classes within the refund period will be eligible for refunds according to the refund schedule. Students must complete an Add/Drop form and turn it in to Enrollment Services in person to officially withdraw from classes. Students will not be eligible for refunds due to non-attendance or if they are suspended or terminated for misconduct.

Payments made at the cashier office will be refunded by check and mailed to the address on the student account. Online bankcard payments will be refunded to the bankcard used for the original payment.

  • Students with federal and state funded aid may have refunds made to the funding program consistent with the applicable federal or state rules.
  • Refunds of automatic payments made on the Student Payment Plan will be paid by check from the college.

Refund Schedule

See Academic Calendar for current quarter refund schedule.

College Cancellation of a Course

The college reserves the right to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to low enrollment, loss of an instructor, and change in equipment needs. In all college initiated cancellations, the student will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

State-Supported Credit Courses

First ten business days of the quarter

100% refund

After the fifth business day of the quarter and through the twentieth calendar day of the quarter 50%

Self-Supported Courses

To receive 100% refund students must:

  • One session class: Withdraw prior to class start
  • Class meets twice or more Withdraw prior to second session start
  • Dance class: Withdraw at least 2 days prior to class start


  • Refunds for state-supported classes that start after the first week of the quarter or short courses that end early will be made using the same refund percentages as above. The refund schedule will be adjusted based on a ratio of the number of classes that have occurred at the time of withdrawal to the total number of class sessions.
  • Washington Online courses use Washington-Online quarter dates for refund percentages.

Note: Refund percentages are based on prior full payment of tuition and fees. Students who have not paid in full may owe a balance if they withdraw from a course during a partial or non-refund period.