Student Code of Conduct

The State of Washington operates Lake Washington Institute of Technology to provide programs of instruction in higher education and related community services. Like any other institution that has its own special purposes, the college must maintain conditions conducive to the effective performance of its functions. Consequently, the college has special expectations regarding the conduct of the participants in the college community.

Admission to the college carries the expectation that students will conduct themselves as responsible college community members. This includes an expectation that students will:

  1. Obey appropriate laws.
  2. Follow college and department rules.
  3. Maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty.

The college will deal with violations of college rules or conduct that interferes with the operation of college affairs. The college may impose sanctions independently of any action taken by civil or criminal authorities.

LWTech Conduct Officer: Katie Peacock M.Ed., Director of Student Development
LWTech Conduct Review Officer: Dr. Ruby Hayden, Vice President of Student Services 

LWTech Conduct Review Board

Chair: Ms. Meena Park, Executive Director of Human Resources
Faculty Representative: Ms. Stacey Woodruff, Medical Assisting Faculty
Faculty Representative: Mr. Steven Weaver, Machining Technology Faculty
Student Representative: Ms. Cicilia Campos
Student Representative: Ms. Diandra Dunham