Substance Use Disorder Professional Credentialing

RCW 18.205 and WAC 246-811 of the state of Washington set the requirements to qualify as a Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) and Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee (SUDPT). This includes education, experience, an exam, application, and an application fee.

SUDP applicants are required to have an associate degree in human services or related field (such as Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s AAS in Behavioral and Social Services) or successful completion of 90 quarter or 60 semester college credits in courses from an approved school. At least 45 quarter or 30 semester credits must be in courses relating to the substance use disorder profession and must include the topics listed in WAC 246-811-030.

SUDPT applicants need only be enrolled in an approved program such as our AAS or BAS. Our BHAV courses are designed to teach to the state-required topics. These courses can be taken independently or as part of the college’s BAS in Behavioral Healthcare or AAS in Behavioral and Social Services.

LWTech is evaluating the option of adding an SUD-specific certificate or degree, but we do not currently offer the complete set of courses required for SUDPs by the state.

An Online Pathway for Licensed Providers

Washington state has also created an “alternative training” pathway for certain licensed professionals:

WAC 246-811-077 allows these individuals to move forward toward an SUDP credential much more quickly. These licensed providers need only one-third the coursework: 15 quarter credits covering 7 particular topics. Course work on each of the following topics specific to alcohol and drug addicted individuals is required:

  1. Survey of addiction;
  2. Treatment of addiction;
  3. Pharmacology;
  4. Physiology of addiction;
  5. American Society of Addiction Management (ASAM) criteria;
  6. Individual group, including family addiction counseling; and
  7. Substance use disorder law and ethics.

Lake Washington has developed a series of three online courses to provide this content to working professionals anywhere within Washington state. Columns A to G reflect the specific educational content mandated in WAC 246-811-077.

Course # Title Cr. A B C D E F G
BHAV 111 Substance use issues 5 A   C D      
BHAV 121 Treatment of substance use issues 5   B     E F  
BHAV 232 SUD systems of care 5             G

These courses are offered 100% online, fully asynchronous to facilitate easy access by anyone in the state. The classes are taught by experienced educators with a history of training SUD professionals. The classes can be taken in any order. They are planned as follows:

  • Winter 2023: BHAV 232
  • Spring 2023: BHAV 111
  • Fall 2023: BHAV 111 and BHAV 121
  • Winter 2024: BHAV 232
  • Spring 2024: BHAV 111 and BHAV 121
  • Summer 2024: BHAV 232

Any student in these courses is immediately eligible to apply for an SUDPT credential.

Licensed providers using the “alternate pathway” to an SUDP credential must still pass a state-approved exam, complete hours of supervised experience, and submit an application. These licensed providers need only complete 1,000 hours of supervised experience, rather than the 2,000 required of baccalaureate degree holders or 2,500 required of associate degree holders. Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not coordinate students’ supervised experience or arrange placements. 

You can enroll online and get started immediately.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to contact Dr. Rex Rempel, DSW, LICSW, Director of LWTech’s Behavioral Health department. Phone: (425) 739-8285, email Visit the Behavioral and Social Services homepage.