Direct Transfer Agreements/Major Related Programs

Located just outside of Seattle, WA, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) offers multiple degrees designed for students intending to transfer to 4-year institutions for a particular major ("Major Ready Pathways" or MRPs). These include the DTA (Direct Transfer Agreement) MRPs and the AS-T (Associate of Science--Transfer) MRPs, for the completion of specific transfer curriculum that's related to specific areas of study. The DTA/MRP degree is a transfer degree for students wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree at a four year institution. Completing this degree prepares students to transfer with junior status to a participating college or university. Degrees available are in Business, Construction Management, Math Education, Pre-Nursing, and Technology.

The requirements for these DTA-MRPs and AS-T-MRPs are dictated by the State and the transfer institutions that accept them (all public universities and some private ones). The Academic Core requirements are generally more extensive for DTA-MRPs and AS-T-MRPs than they are for AAS-Ts (below), but courses may overlap. Since the DTA-MRPs and AS-T-MRPs transfer more widely across the State they are best for students who intend to get a bachelor’s degree but have not selected a specific 4-year college or university. The DTA-MRPs and AS-T-MRPs are also accepted into some bachelor’s programs here at LWTech.

Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) Degrees Offered at LWTech

Associate in Biology DTA/MRP

Associate in Business DTA/MRP

Associate in Computer Science DTA/MRP

Associate in Construction Management DTA/MRP

Associate in Math Education DTA/MRP

Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP

Associate in Science Transfer/Major Related Program Degrees Offered at LWTech

Associate in Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering AS-T Track 2/MRP

Associate in Computer and Electrical Engineering AS-T Track 2/MRP

Associate in Civil and Mechanical Engineering AS-T Track 2/ MRP

The DTA/MRP degree must contain a minimum of 20 credits of academic core courses, including instruction in written communication (5 cr.); quantitative reasoning (5 cr.); social science (5 cr.); and humanities (5 cr.). To submit an application for a DTA/MRP degree, a minimum of 30% of the technical credits must be earned in residence. A minimum passing numeric grade (2.0 or higher) in each course that receives a numeric grade, and a cumulative average of 2.0 in all courses, is required for the DTA/MRP degree.