Electronics Technology



Students entering the re-designed Electronics Technology program at LWTech will gain basic core skills through the most up-to-date advanced electronics principles. The curriculum is designed to provide students with industry-standard certificates and prepares its graduates for entry-level positions in the rapidly growing high-tech industries of the 21st century.

Currently, students can earn a PCB Design Technician, Certificate of Completion, Aerospace Assembly Specialist, Certificate of Completion, and Aerospace Manufacturing, Certificate of Completion.

The PCB Design Technician certificate provides a foundation to those individuals that seek employment opportunities in the lucrative and exciting niche market of printed circuit board (PCB) design. Students will learn and use state-of-the art software while in this program. This certificate is intended for students desiring to upgrade their skills in this industry.

The Aerospace Assembly Specialist certificate is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as an assembler in the field of Satellite Technology. The certificate focuses on safety protocols, basic and advanced aerospace assembly skills, materials handling, electrical systems, emerging technologies, and industry-standard practices. It is designed to include both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, with an emphasis on safety throughout the curriculum.

The Aerospace Manufacturing certificate program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for excellence in aerospace manufacturing/Satellite Technology. Focusing on safety protocols, both basic and advanced aerospace assembly skills, materials handling, electrical systems, emerging technologies, and industry-standard practices, the certificate program is tailored to ensure graduates are prepared for industry demands.

Additional Information

Quarter One

  • ELCT 101: Aerospace Assembly Fundamentals, 2 credits.
  • ELCT 102: Precision Assembly Techniques, 4 credits.
  • ELCT 103: Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes, 4 credits.
  • ELCT 104: Electrical Systems and Troubleshooting, 4 credits.
  • ELCT 105: Fiber Optics and Broadband Applications in Aviation, 2 credits.

Quarter One

  • ELCT 106: Aerospace Assembly and Safety Techniques, 3 Credits.
  • ELEC 115: Electronics Manufacturing Testing Techniques I, 5 credits.
  • ELEC 126: Electronics Manufacturing Testing Techniques II, 5 credits.
  • ELCT 107: Avionics Wiring and Fiber Optics Integration, 3 Credits.


Hands-on Experience

LWTech's Electronics Program curriculum provides students with comprehensive, more hands-on training in industry level laboratory environment. They will have the opportunity to train in a newly renovated electronics instructional lab that features some of the best electronics training equipment in Washington state. Students will obtain the foundation in electronics education needed to succeed in any electronics specialty in manufacturing, private industries, or public sectors.


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