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Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) has many options for high school age students to earn both high school and college credits. We can help you get an Associate Degree, a high school diploma, or both at once!  


High School Pathways

Are you age 16-21? Want to come to LWTech to finish a HS diploma, Associate Degree, or both at once? 

Students enroll full-time directly in an Associate degree-earning program.

Learn More About the Technical Academy

Students spend one quarter in classes with extra support, then jump into an Associate degree program. 

Learn More About Open Doors

Students learn English until they are ready for college classes.

Learn More About Language Intensive Program


Dual-Credit Options

Want to enroll in college classes at LWTech, but stay enrolled at your high school, too?  

Students remain enrolled in their home high school and take some LWTech classes.

Learn More About Running Start

Provides training in high demand career and technical programs.

Learn More About WANIC

Students earn college credit in high school classes that are formally aligned with college courses. Most classes are part of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program and connect with a professional/technical certificate or degree at the college. 

Learn More About Pacific NW College Credit


Under 16 or Over 21?

Students who are not eligible for general college admission, or be enrolled through other special entry programs. 

Learn More About Underage Enrollment

A program for adults age 18 and over who are just seeking a High School Diploma.

Learn More About HS+

Lake Washington Institute of Technology provides a number of educational pathways to help adults reach their goals. LWTech offers a wide variety of degree and certificates to prepare students for today's careers and tomorrow's opportunities, and also has many options for earning a high school diploma or equivalent.

Learn More About Adult High School Completion