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Now more than ever, Human Resources (HR) is critical to the workforce, especially in a strong job market in Washington state. Prove you have the dedication, skills and credibility to lead this charge by becoming SHRM-certified.

SHRM certifications are unique, as they are the only behavioral competency-based programs in the field. 92% of HR executives agree that “it will be important for HR professionals to be SHRM-certified in the future.” Earning one of the SHRM credentials conveys a clear message to C-suite leaders: “This HR professional is invested in their career and is ready to lead.”*

Increase your chances of passing your exam by attending our upcoming certification prep course. An expert, SHRM-certified LWTech faculty member will be on hand to answer your questions, guide you through interactive discussions, review sample test questions and provide exclusive test-taking tips.


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Frequently Asked Questions About SHRM Certification

If you have already earned the SHRM Certification you can obtain up to 36 professional development credits (if you are attending this program for professional development only).

SHRM offers two premier certifications, the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).

  • The SHRM-CP is right for you if you’re new to HR or have zero to two years of experience, and your HR responsibilities are tactical in nature. This certification assesses your HR competencies and skills at an operational level. The SHRM-CP does not require you to currently be in an HR job or have an HR job title, but it is recommended to have a working knowledge of HR principles prior to testing.
  • The SHRM-SCP is the best fit if you’ve been in a strategic-level position for at least three years, or have held the SHRM-CP for at least three years are have actively been developing into a strategic-level role. The SHRM-SCP certification validates your skills at a strategic level, including duties such as developing HR policies, overseeing the entire, integrated HR enterprise or leading the alignment of HR strategies within your organization. This certification requires applicants to dedicate at least 1,000 hours per year to strategic level HR-related work.

Achieving accreditation was important to SHRM because it provides SHRM-certified professionals and their employers with the assurance that SHRM’s credentials meet the high standards expected and needed to advance the HR profession.

Classes are held on Microsoft Teams (free to students) in the evening, once a week.

Yes! This is an instructor lead interactive class.

10 weeks.