Financial Aid, Grants, & Scholarships

Although undocumented students and DREAMers do not qualify for federal financial aid, there are many other resources available to eligible undocumented students, including state financial aid (WASFA), grant funds, and scholarships.

Financial Aid



Opportunity Grant

The Opportunity Grant Scholarship supports low-income students with educational training for careers in Business Technology, Health Care, Accounting programs, or I-Best programs. Students in the Opportunity Grant Scholarship program may receive tuition and fees for up to 45 credits, up to $1,000 per academic year for books and related supplies, and educational and career advising. Non-citizen students who are eligible for the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) and meet the other eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply for the Opportunity Grant. Eligibility requirements and additional information is available on Opportunity Grant Scholarship page.

Worker Retraining

The Worker Retraining program offers tuition assistance, career counseling, advising, priority class registration, and other benefits to individuals in career transition such as laid-off workers, displaced homemakers, vulnerable workers, and formerly self-employed individuals. Military veterans discharged in the last 48 months, and active duty military with separation orders, may be eligible for help with the cost of books.