Associated Student Government Officers

Executive Officers are enrolled students who create an exceptional student experience through governance, representation and committee management. Contact officers to learn more about being a student at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, if you have an idea for a student event or activity, or if you have a concern related to your LWTech education.

Current Officers and Contact Information


ASG President

Ellienn Tatar

My name is Ellienn Tatar and I have lived in the Kirkland area for the majority of my life. I have worked in retail for the last two years and have enjoyed interacting with customers and staff alike. I appreciate a hard day's work, and I get a lot of satisfaction from making other people happy. I am determined to the best I can in any environment, and I strive to help others succeed along the way. I am currently enrolled in the Computing and Software Development program for my Associate Degree and have discovered a passion for programming and application development. When not at work or school I like to spend time with my family and dogs. I enjoy the Eastside area and plan to stay here for many years to come. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is something I will always keep close to my heart.

ASG Vice President

Foram Joshi

My name is Foram Joshi. I have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from India and have seven years of work experience. I moved to Canada about eight years ago and then moved to Seattle last year for retraining, after a break. I became a student at LWTech in spring 2018 and am pursuing the Associates in Mechanical Design Technology. My curiosity and passion about finding out how things work, led me to interact more with ASG officers during my tenure in Student Programs. I learned about the important role of the Student Government. I have always been interested in hearing new ideas, and during our leadership training I learned to comfortably and confidently express my ideas to others. Having lived in different countries, and being a student in the U.S. now, I have experienced student life from different perspectives and that encourages me to be involved with ASG and contribute to the best of my ability. 

ASG Public Relations Officer

Pablo Bautista

My name is Pablo Bautista. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Fortunately, I was able to learn English from a very young age and I had the opportunity to go to an international high school. Here I was actively involved with student leadership as a student council vice president and yearbook editor. After I finished high school, I decided to move to the United States to pursue my college education. However, I realized that being here on my own came with other challenges. I was faced with injustice and stereotypes because of the color of my skin. I know I am not the only one that has felt this way, and for that reason I want to be part of the change. By being here, I am fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional in the field of Computer Science and at the same time taking action to accurately empower those whose voice has not been heard.

ASG Finance Officer

Nathan Nguyen

My name is Anh (Nathan) Nguyen and I am from Viet Nam. For the past year I worked in Campus Life as a front desk worker. During this time, I have grown tremendously, both professionally and personally by developing essential skills like public speaking, communication, teamwork, etc. I am also a full-time student majoring in Computer Software Development. On top of that I am also Vice President for our Software Development Club where we meet up every two weeks and solve interview-like coding problems; this helps put me in an actual leadership position and I really enjoy it and want to learn more. On top of that, coming from Viet Nam (a developing nation) where corruption is a huge but silences problem, joining ASG will be my first learning and exploring experience to bring real change to my country, starting with our school first. I really enjoy going to Lake Washington especially because of the smaller student body so it feels like everyone knows each other and I get better assistance from my professors with smaller classes. The experience I am having is truly one o f a kind and I would not trade the world for it.

ASG Records Office

Lulu Corona

My name is Lulu Corona and I am an absolute animal lover. I enjoy spending my free time observing creatures as small as plankton under a microscope, or taking aesthetic pictures of animals as tall as giraffes. Thus, naturally I am very dedicated towards making a positive impact in the environment; whether that includes educating people about ocean conservation or finding creative ways to live a plastic free life. After college I hope to find a career that will contribute to making all the possible efforts to preserve and better that natural wildlife we have in our backyard.