Past ASG Officers

Thank You

Thank you to the following students for their service to LWTech Student Government. As members of the ASG Executive Board they all accomplished goals, learned and implemented leadership skills, and took time to serve students by providing leadership and guidance to the development of an effective and involving student life. 

President, Noa Joseph-Laleh, Computer Science

Vice President, Jack Phu, Design

Public Relations, Shravani Bhujbal, Computer Science

Finance Officer, Brooke Stuart, Design

Records Officer, Ilai Jaervinen, Design

President, Ted Sabol-Williams, User Centered Design

Vice President, Laren Kordas, User Centered Design

Public Relations, Karan Malhotra, Design

Finance Officer, Jack Phu, Design

Records Officer, Claudia Souza, Computer Design

President, Cicilia Campos, Design

Vice President, Sara Gonzalez, Behavioral Healthcare

Public Relations, Diandra Dunham, Business

Finance Officer, Jack Phu, Design

Records Officer, Charles Ma, Design

President, Ellienn Tatar, Computer Software Design

Vice President, Foram Joshi, Mechanical Design

Public Relations, Pablo Bautista, Computing Software Design

Finance Officer, Nathan Ngyuen, Computer Software Design

Records Officer, Lulu Corona, Biology Transfer

President, Sloane Hunt, Computer Security and Network Technology

Vice President, Ellienn Tatar, Computing Software Design

Public Relations, Pablo Bautista, Computing Software Design

Finance Officer, Virginia King, Public Health

Records Officer, Cole Galino, Computer Security and Network Technology

President, Amanda Pelly, Applied Design

Vice President, Mitch Blanchard, Running Start

Public Relations, Alihasan Amjad, Business Transfer

Finance, Taebum Park, Automotive

Records, Lisa Tanaka, Applied Design

President, Bryce Evans, Photonics, Fall/Winter

Acting President, Alihasan Amjad, Business, Winter/Spring

Public Relations, Jonathan Berres, Game Design

Finance, Cody Melnrick, Summer/Fall / Nick Mankis, High School

Records, Susan Lee, Design

President, Abby Boese, Science

Vice President, Amanda Pelly, Social and Human Services

Public Relations -Vernon Nelson, Applied Design

Finance, Mina Emperador, Business Technology

Records, Yaroslav Lokhmatov, Undecided

President, Tammie Bennett, Public Health / Yaroslav Lokhmatov, Undecided

Vice President, Jeremy Posey, Science

Public Relations, Chris Doty, MMDP / Vern Nelson, Applied Design

Finance, Tina Mineau, Accounting

Records, Abby Boese, Science

President, Shalliah Swinney, Pre-Nursing / Richie Savedo, MMDP

Vice President, Richie Savedo, MMDP

Public Relations, Alex Fleege, Social and Human Services

Finance, Liudmilla Pit, Medical Assisting

Records, Dominique Carver, Business

President, Shalliah Swinney Pre-Nursing

Vice President, Eldy Torres Pre-Nursing

Public Relations, Richie Savedo Multi-Media Design

Finance, Liudmilla Pit Medical Assisting

Records, Dominique Carver Business

President, Peter Huff, Multi-Media Design

Vice President, Shalliah Swinney, Pre-Nursing

Public Relations, Will Bolden, Social and Human Services

Finance, Kim Ray, Accounting / Kiang Chong, Accounting

Records, Liesa Spring, Social and Human Services

President, Garren Handson, Science Technician / Bronson Carter, Multi-Media Desig

Vice President, Bronson Carter Multi-Media Design / Will Bolden Social-Human Services

Public Relations, Nicole Herron, Social-Human Services

Finance, Sunny Mann, Computer Security and Network Technology / Amanda Egan, Automotive

Records, Liesa Spring, Horticulture / Social and Human Services

President, Aaron Swanson, Diesel

Vice President, Matt Deitz , Nursing

Public Relations, Sasha Grigorieva, Engineering Graphics, Michael Beck, Social and Human Services

Finance, Wei Jiang, Accounting Transfer

Recorder, Carissa Ciuchta, Multi-Media Design BTAD

President, Tiara Benson, Nursing

Vice President, Donna Bowen, Nursing / Min Kim, Engineering Graphics

Public Relations, Janice Bruch, Multi-Media Design/ Sasha Grigorieva, Engineering Graphics

Finance, Rachelle Kiesel, Nursing

Recorder, Carissa Ciuchta, Multi-Media Design

President, Kobus Mann, Multi-Media Design

Vice President, Joy Knoke, Legal Studies

Public Relations, Dria Little Hawk, Multi-Media Design

Finance, Jessica Kutzuk, Accounting

Recorder, Susan Dailey, Social and Human Services

President, Kathy Hanvey

Vice President, Jennifer Abbarno

Secretary, Lauren West

Treasurer, Larisa Akselrud

Budget Chair, Yuriy Shulman

President, Joselito Lopez

Vice President, Valesa Manawa

Treasurer, Stephanie Lambino

Secretary, Anita Elder

Budget Chair, John Palzell

President, Glenn Stuttgen/Joselito Lopez

Vice President, Delaine Kulachkosky

Web Manager, Mark Hochhaus/Dan Lofgren

Finance, Kit Wong/Scot Springberg

Recorder, Ted/MacClennanCollen Rappe'

Vice President, Umberto Linzi

Finance, John Philbrook

President, Robert Pinski, CSNT

Vice President, Rick Walling, CSNT

Finance Officer, Vahan Bogosian, CSNT

Recorder, Barbara Remkus, CSNT

Janet Mandell

Dennis Lee

Ken Moerer

Erin Soinger

Jason Vice

President, Chuck Lewis

Vice President, Ruth Guilinger

Treasurer, Martin Hires

Secretary, Dominique Deiter

ASG office Secretary, Cristina Paget

ASG office Assistant, Bill Walton