DSS Student & Parent Resources

Disability Support Services understand parents of students with disabilities may have more concerns than parents of typical college students.

You are probably accustomed to playing an active part in your student's education. The changes in services and responsibility at the college level often take parents and students by surprise. High schools don't always prepare families for the differences they face when enrolling in college.

We hope the information on our website helps provide the information you need to better understand post-secondary disability services so you can continue to support your student at this level.

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans do not exist at the college level. Disability Support Services, college faculty, and LWTech staff are not responsible for identifying students with disabilities and connecting them with Disability Support Services. Students must identify themselves to the office, provide documentation of disability, and request accommodations. The student is the only one who can initiate the accommodation process. Please encourage your student to apply for DSS.

You can help your student by: