Student Clubs


Clubs and student organizations are an important component of a college experience, and we are excited to help you expand your student life experience by engaging with you and supporting your learning journey.

There are many reasons why you should join a club. Being a member or leader of a club can contribute to your personal development, professional growth, and network opportunities. By joining a club you will do many things, including:

  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Expand your experiences for your resume or college application
  • Learn how to engage with diverse groups of people
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Network at college, state, and national levels
  • Get opportunities to apply knowledge gained in class
  • Relieve stress and have fun
  • Explore different areas of interests

Student Clubs are chartered through the Associated Student Government (ASG), which means the ASG student officers decide to officially recognize the club and provide its funding. Funding for student clubs comes from the Services and Activities Fee.

The college is committed to a healthy and wellness oriented club experience. Therefore, club officers, members, or advisors, may not participate in or sponsor any activities which feature alcohol or drugs, including marijuana.

Join A Club

All clubs are open to all currently enrolled LWTech students. You do not need to be in a specific program or student population to join any club.

Student clubs are open to all LWTech students regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ability, major, class, marital status, family status, military or veteran status, citizenship status, creed, national origin, language, handicap, or any other protected identity per the school’s Equal Opportunity policy.

To join a club or find out about attending a meeting or event, contact the club advisor, the Student Programs Director, or join the club's group on Canvas.

Can't find a club you want to join? Start your own club.

Active Clubs

Club Purpose Advisor
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Educate students about the construction industry and connect to professionals in the industry. Bob Mandy
Culinary Club Promote community and professional development among students Culinary and Baking programs. Janet Waters
Dental Hygiene Class of 2021 To lead, guide, and look out for our fellow classmates, as well as plan group events. Danette Lindeman
Dental Hygiene Class of 2020 To help orchestrate and organize the students of the Dental Hygiene class of 2020 and guide them in career development and dental skills. Danette Lindeman
Diversity Club We are a community who seeks to unite LWtech Students through the celebration of diversity. We aim to increase cultural awareness by providing activities and programs relating to gender equity and cultural acceptance.  
Eastern European Club

To bring people from these countries together, to keep our culture and show it to other people; to gather a large amount of students to perform activities, to improve LWTech students spare time, to suggest changes, activities, actions and helping LWTech to operate.

Engineering Club The purpose of this club is to give students with a common interest in engineering the ability to work on projects of their choosing with like minded students as well as to grow their network. It will allow students at different stages in their studies to network with students they may not take classes with. We also want to give students in other fields the opportunity to learn about engineering through joining this club.  Stephanie Bostwick
Information Security Club Provide a safe and supervised environment to develop and practice tactics, techniques, and procedures used in cyber defense competitions as well as the IT industry. Andrew Fischer
International Students Club Help international students engage in activities at LWTech to enrich their college experience and give them opportunities both to practice English and interact with domestic students and fellow international students outside the classroom. Karyna Tytar
Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant Club The purpose of SPOTA is to spread awareness and gain knowledge relating to rehab professions--specifically occupational therapy and physical therapy. Jenny Rogoff
Society of Human Resources Management - LWTech Student Chapter (SHRM)   Ren’ee Mangini
Software Development Club To provide a time and place to learn the android software system development environment. Thomas Abbott
Student Nursing Organization (SNO) Promote student life and enrichment for LWTech student nursing. Suzy Dalgarn
Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) To help education, support, and train like minded individuals in the logistics field. Albert Ames
Student Veterans of America - LWTech Chapter Promote charitable and educational support of LWTech student veterans by creating an inclusive environment of camaraderie and advocacy in alignment with the goals of the Student Veterans of America Organization. Ahmad Bennett