Funding for Student Activities

Office of Student Life provides two ways for students, staff, and faculty to apply for funding and logistical support for student led co-curricular activities. Funds are available through Student Clubs and the Event and Professional Development Funds. These are both funded by money from the Services & Activities Fee

Co-curricular activities are an important part of a college experience. They are opportunities for students to engage in professional development and build community. The Office of Student Life's objective in providing these funding options for students is to: 

  • Reduce barriers for requesting event and activity funds
  • Encourage students' focus on professional development and community building activities
  • Provide equitable access to an increasingly limited fund, due to budget constraints

Available Funds

This academic year's request includes $7,000 total for all clubs from July 1 until April 15. Each officially chartered club may apply for funding to support an event, meeting, travel, registration for conferences, or other activities that support their group. Funding is no longer available to non-officially chartered clubs.

To apply for funding, please follow these steps.

1. Complete an online event request form. Depending on the complexity of the activity, the form may be very long. Please be prepared to provide significant details about your activity. If you are not able to complete the form, please make an appointment (online or in-person) with our club coordinator to successfully complete the form. Please email the Office of Student Life to make an appointment. After the form is received at the Office of Student Life, a decision will be made about how much funding is available; based on the form. That decision will help you better plan the activity.

2. If you successfully completed the form, you will meet (online or in person) with our club coordinator for a brief planning meeting.

Get Funds For Student Events