Finance & Budget Advisory Council

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To serve in an advisory capacity regarding the fiscal operations and college budget; provide direction regarding implementation of the Strategic Plan;
  • To develop and promote an open and transparent budget process which identifies assumptions and priorities for planning purposes and seeks to identify and meet the requirements and needs of the college.
  • To provide advice and recommendations on ways to better and more efficiently manage college resources;
  • To educate and increase the college awareness of the college’s finances, the funding process, state requirements, and available resources;
  • To communicate and understand concerns and weaknesses, and strong points of the college;
  • To assist in the process to seek and secure diversified funding sources and promote the long-term financial stability.

2018-2019 Committee


How Funding Works

Information on the college's operational and capital budgets and how funding works; financial system, processes and a brief overview of the college's fiscal responsibilities as an agency of the State of Washington.