Campus Art

At Lake Washington Institute of Technology, art lives beyond the classroom. LWTech celebrates diverse artworks and they are available to discover at many locations on campus. Our community’s artworks range from 1981 to the present, and include many mediums.

Since 2016, many of the campus’ art initiatives have been guided by the Instructional Art Committee, featuring employee and student membership from the following academic programs and departments: Art, Design, Interactive Gaming and Media, the Library, and more. Please contact Gail Lawnicki if you would like to learn more or get involved with the Instructional Art Committee. 

Art Galleries on Campus

The majority of the individual pieces found at LWTech are listed and described at the ArtsWA website. Short-term and permanent student-focused art galleries are currently located in the Chef City Grill and the LWTech Library’s main and upper floors.

Photos courtesy of Washington Start Arts Commission.

View the Full List of LWTech's Art Installations on ArtsWA

In Fall 2018, the first annual pop-up employee art gallery was created to reveal and reflect upon the incredible number of artists currently employed by the college.

Additional galleries and showcases are being considered.

Above photos show LWTech employees at the Fall 2018 pop-up employee gallery.

Another Space for Art at LWTech: The Lion’s Pride

The bi-annual student creative magazine, The Lion’s Pride, is available to view and engage at the library. Students are encouraged to submit their visual and literary art and other creative materials for publication. More information can be found on the webpage for The Lion’s Pride.