EDI Council

The LWTech Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Council is an active council serving LWTech since 2015.

Mission Statement

The EDI Council supports and advocates for the vision and values around equity, diversity and inclusion. We seek to provide leadership for ongoing learning, discussion, dialogue and understanding about equity, diversity and inclusion by all members of the LWTech campus community, including students, staff, faculty and administration.

It is a recommending body; it shall serve to advise the President and the Executive Cabinet on equity, diversity and inclusion goals, strategies, plans, policy and projects. This Council shall be accountable for reviewing and updating the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan (EDIP) as necessary and will carry out the work of the EDIP.

For more information about the committee, please view the Council's charter (forthcoming).


Name School Position  Council Position

Suzy Ames

Associate Vice President of Instruction  

Lisa Anderson

TRiO Advisor  

Greg Bem

Faculty Librarian and Library Coordinator Diversity Website Manager

Ahmad Bennett

Coordinator, Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success  

Sarah Chandler

Communications and Marketing Coordinator Diversity Website Manager

Mihaela Cosma

Admin/Faculty, ABED


Gordy Funai

Manager, Purchasing Services  
Meysha Harville High School Programs Advisor  
Ruby Hayden Vice President of Student Services, Executive Cabinet Member Executive Cabinet Liaison
Sally Heilstedt Associate Dean, Engagement and Learning  
Eric Izaguirre Coordinator, Equity and Diversity  Co-Chair
Josephine Kiu Executive Administrative Assistant, HR  
Tia Lawson Adjunct Faculty, ESL  
Sean Marushia Faculty, High School Programs  
Sarah Mason Adjunct Faculty, Welding  
Casey Melnrick Recruitment/Career Coordinator, Student Development Co-Chair
Meena Park Assistant Director of Human Resources Executive Cabinet Liaison
Amanda Pelly ASG Diversity Coordinator  
Jamilyn Penn Dean of Allied Health, Instruction Services  
Mike Potter Dean of Instruction, Program Innovation  
Elliot Stern Vice President of Instruction, Executive Cabinet Member  
Phan Tran Instructional Support Technician  
Katie Viola Coordinator, Workforce Secretary
Sheila Walton Director, Student Programs, Student Services