Facilities Planning Council

The Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) Facilities Planning Council is composed of a cross section of campus community and is charged with managing the effective use of college facilities. The Facility Planning Council acts as a bridge between the Executive Cabinet and the campus community. This Council embodies the college goals of Inclusion, Transparency, Shared Governance and Decision Making. Their Roles and Responsibilities include the following:

  • To serve in an advisory capacity regarding college facilities planning; provide direction regarding implementation of the Master Plan and Strategic Plan;
  • To review capital project funding and provide input to identify funding priorities which meet the requirements and needs of the college;
  • To develop and promote an open and transparent process for department space utilization/assignment that meets the requirements and needs of the college.
  • To provide advice and recommendations on ways to more efficiently manage college facilities;
  • To educate and increase awareness of the collegeโ€™s capital projects, the funding process, state requirements, and available resources;
  • To communicate and understand concerns, weaknesses, and strong points of the college facilities. 

Space Acquisition, Relocation and Renovation Requests

Minor Program Requests 

2019-20 Council Meeting Agendas 

2019-20 Council Meeting Records 

For more information about the Facility Planning Council Membership, or to review ground rules, meeting notes, agendas, forms and planning documents visit Facilities Planning Council Yammer Group and click on the Files tab..