Do you know how to have property that has no further use to you and or other college employees removed from your area and sent to surplus?

Returning Property to Surplus Procedure

Step 1

Submit a Completed Online Surplus Form

Fill out the online surplus form below. You will receive a confirmation in your email and another confirmation email within a few days.  

Step 2


Products need to be ready for pick up:

  1. Boxed
  2. Wrapped
  3. Palletized
Step 3

Pick-Up Will Be Scheduled by Purchasing Department

Pick up is approximately 7 days after the request in Step 1 is submitted.


Items NOT Accepted by LWTech Surplus

  • Hazardous chemicals or waste
  • Sharps container, needles, or surgical knives
  • Friable asbestos
  • Batteries–used alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt
  • Jars or containers that contain unknown liquids and powders
  • Barrels that contain oil or Hazardous residues
  • Glass thermometers that contain mercury


Contact Tramayne at (425) 739-8446 or if you have any questions or concerns about your suplus submission.

Facilities Surplus Request Form

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