Employee Tuition Waiver Form

Please be aware of the following general rules for using Employee Tuition Waiver:

  • Enrollment Services will be registering you for the classes and will let you know once it is done.
  • The tuition waiver is based on availability of space in the course. If the class becomes full, you will either need to drop that class or you will be responsible for the tuition fee.

When Employees Should Register

Employees using a space-available waiver may register between the 4th and the 10th instructional day of the quarter. Employees who register prior to the 4th day or after the 10th day of the quarter forfeit their ability to use this waiver and will be responsible for full payment at the regular per-credit tuition rate.

Employees may not use space-available waivers for the following programs: 

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Sewing

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