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A Crisis Shouldn't Stop a Future
Robert McNeal, LWTech Foundation President Diane "Fairy Godmother" Haelsig, and James Kinsella attend the Halloween-themed 2017 Bright Futures Bene t Breakfast.
No student should have to choose between staying in school or dropping out in the event of an unanticipated emergency. For some college students, unforeseen circumstances can stop their pursuit of getting an education. In an e ort to put stopgaps in place, the LWTech Foundation, in partnership with LWTech’s Financial Aid o ce, awards grants from the Foundation Emergency Grant Fund, which provides  nancial support for eligible students to receive assistance in emergency situations.
Since 2006, the Foundation Emergency Grant Fund has provided $145,640 in assistance to students in need.
Traditionally, students who are provided with Foundation Emergency Grants receive assistance with tuition, school supplies, rent, emergency housing, food, utilities,
tough decision to end the pursuit of their education,” said LWTech Foundation Executive Director, Elisabeth Sorensen.
At the LWTech Foundation’s 2017 Bright Futures Bene t Breakfast, more than $50,000 was raised for the Foundation Emergency Grant Fund, in part because of the Bridge the Gap Student Emergency Fund Matching Challenge. Guests at the breakfast raised $25,000 for the Fund, which was then generously matched by philanthropists, James Kinsella and Robert McNeal.
“Supporting our local community college also provides us an opportunity to do our part to narrow income inequality through education,” commented Kinsella. McNeal adds, “If we can, even in a very modest way, help
transportation costs (gas and bus passes), medical needs, and childcare.
LWTech data shows that 90-percent of students who receive an emergency grant go on to successfully complete that
quarter of school.
“Crises happen in all of our lives.
An unexpected emergency can completely derail a student’s
academic and career goals. The hope
is that with the Foundation Emergency Grant, students don’t have to make the
motivated, smart, hardworking people to stay in 90% school, succeed in getting a degree, then all
of us win.”
“Applications for the Foundation Emergency Grant are typically
processed within one day,” said Director of Financial Aid at LWTech, Bill Chaney.
If you would like to learn more about the Foundation Emergency
Grant or if you would like to donate,
of the students who receive Foundation Emergency Grant Funds successfully complete the quarter*
Foundation office at (425) 739-8134.
call the financial aid office at (425) 739-8106 or the LWTech
*Data measured since the 2012–2013 academic year
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