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Easy to Apply in Three Simple Steps
We can help you get started with a personalized service to guide you from the moment you email, call, or walk through our doors. We are here to help you every step of the way.
1. Connect with an Admissions Coach, who will create your personal admissions guide based on your needs, including applying for  nancial aid, providing a tour of the campus, and much more.
2. Register for classes online or in-person.
3. Start your program, and start earning credits toward your certi cate or degree. It’s that easy!
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Paying for College
When it comes to paying for college, sorting through all the options can sometimes get confusing. At LWTech, we are here to help you navigate all types of assistance in addition to our low tuition rates.* We o er the following ways to help students pay for their education: Scholarships, WASFA, Student Payment Plan, Veteran Bene ts, Workforce Development funding programs, and Financial Aid (grants and loans).
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Financial Aid Grants
LWTech participates in nearly all federal and state  nancial aid programs, including the Pell Grant (largest federal grant program) and the Washington State Need Grant (largest grant program in the state). Prior to the 2017-2018 academic year, students eligible for the
Pell Grant could only receive aid for the equivalent of three full-time quarters a year. Now however, qualifying students can receive funding for all four quarters of the year! “Year-round Pell is vital to supporting the diverse needs of our student body by funding all of their hard work, not just 75-percent. It also responds to the needs of our community by getting well-trained people back to the workforce quickly,” said Dr. Ruby Hayden, Vice President of Student Services.
Applying for these grants, as well as other funding opportunities, is easy with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Plus, you don’t need to have low income status for some types of aid!
For more information about paying for college, visit nancialaid
LWTech Spotlight
Applying for College is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
Kim Geer, a  nancial aid o cer, counsels a student through her  nancial aid journey.
*Source: nancial-aid/cost-of-attendance
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