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Workforce Development Helps Students Get Back to Work
Lucy Potyomkin in the Nursing Lab.
Finding your place in the working world and growing along a career path gives many a sense of purpose in life. However, an unexpected layo  can disrupt this progression, leaving you uncertain about your future. At LWTech, we o er several programs through our Workforce Development (WFD) department to help those a ected by adversity get the education and job training they need to get back to work.
The programs available include the Basic Food, Employment, and Training, Opportunity Grant, Worker Retraining, WorkFirst, and the Employment Resource Center. These programs o er various forms of aid depending on quali cations, such as assistance with tuition, books, career and academic advising, and
individualized support services. For many, simply having access to this assistance is the key to unlocking their next career. Student, Lucy Potyomkin, is one of
those individuals.
Potyomkin had been working at an equipment manufacturing company for several years when she
was laid o  in 2016, due to a workforce reduction. As she explored her options, she learned that she was eligible to receive training bene ts that extended her unemployment claim. “I had always known
that if I was to go back to school for anything, it would be to LWTech in order to pursue a degree
in nursing,” said Potyomkim, whose mother also studied nursing at LWTech several years ago. “It also helps that LWTech is a ordable,
and a reasonable distance from where I live, so it was a great option for me,” she added.
Potyomkin has been part of the Worker Retraining program since she came to
LWTech in 2016. “Worker Retraining has been amazingly helpful throughout my
entire time at LWTech! They are always there for me whenever I have any questions and they’ve put me in-touch with a WorkSource
A liate in Redmond, whose programs have also helped me  nancially,” said Potyomkin.
WorkSource A liate Redmond is just one of several community organizations in partnership
with LWTech. In addition to assisting students like Potyomkin, this partnership also supports regular
resource and job fairs on campus. “As a member of the WorkSource Seattle-King County* network, LWTech
is leveraging signi cant employment and training resources beyond its campus,” said WorkSource A liate Redmond Administrator, Ken Kelnhofer. “For example, we have recruiters from several tech companies participating in employer panels for job seekers.
Events like these are open to students and community members, and usually include opportunities for  ve- minute initial interviews after the panel.”
From  nancial assistance to career development services, our WFD programs and partnerships help students accomplish their goals. LWTech provides students with the encouragement they need to overcome hardships and thrive. “Without the Worker Retraining sta , I don’t think I could have found the courage and con dence in myself to get into the nursing program,” said Potyomkin.
Learn more about WFD programs at
* WorkSource Seattle-King County has over 40 locations around the county. Learn more at
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