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Many people say that LWTech is more than a college – it’s a community that feels like family. Nothing speaks more to that than the RISE Center, which stands for Resources for Inclusion, Support, and Empowerment.
Opened in the fall of 2017, the RISE Center promotes the values of equity, justice, and empowerment,
by creating an equitable and inclusive campus environment, where all students can succeed academically and personally.
“Over 30 years of research, on the retention of ethnic and racial minorities in higher education, shows that campus climate plays a critical role in whether or not these students graduate,” said LWTech’s Coordinator for Equity and Inclusion, Eric Izaguirre. “If the environment both within and outside of the classroom doesn’t a rm their identities and cultures, they are less likely to complete their academic program.”
“I was drawn to the RISE center before it even opened,” said Virginia King a student in LWTech’s Bachelor’s in Applied Science in Public Health program. “LWTech has a large, diverse student population, and the RISE Center is a safe, relaxing space.”
In addition to the RISE Center being a place where people can gather, it provides programs and discussion opportunities for students to explore topics related to diversity and identity.
Some of those programs have included a nity lunch hours. A nity lunches are inclusive and create social spaces for students to engage in informal dialogue about the experiences of diverse student communities.
“The RISE Center is a place where I can meet people of other nationalities and backgrounds. I want to know these people, and learn who they are. We get support and have a place that anyone can go to and meet people just like us,” said King.
King continues, “The thing I love about LWTech is that it’s a small community where the faculty and sta 
are there to support you and students are there to support each other. That happens not only in the RISE Center but across the college. I always tell people that they should check out LWTech. It’s a great jumping o  point for your education.”
Find out more at “We get support and have
a place that anyone can
go to and meet people
just like us.”
Virginia King, Public Health Program Student
Coordinator of Equity & Inclusion, Eric Izaguirre, and student Virginia King chat in the RISE Center.
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LWTech Embodies the Culture of Inclusion
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