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Meet the Schools of LWTech
When LWTech created its seven schools, faculty and sta  knew that providing a clear and intentional
education path would help students to see their program and course pathway from the moment
they enrolled. By grouping the college’s 40+ programs into like-categories, students are
able to more easily select the program that is right for them. The Pathway model is
based on a decade of research that points
to greater student completion rates in highly structured instructional programs.
Each school includes programs that have similar routes and requirements,
so students get the whole picture of their future industry, from the moment they sign
up for their  rst classes.
LWTech’s schools are:
The School of Business & Entrepreneurship The School of Health Sciences
The School of Information Technology
The School of Engineering, Science & Math The School of Manufacturing
The School of Transportation Technology The School of Design & Applied Arts
In addition to the schools, the
college also provides programs in Culinary Arts, Environmental Horticulture, and Early
Childhood Education.
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