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LWTech Spotlight
From Classroom Collaboration to Commercial Application
Collaboration is an important part of the student experience at LWTech. Faculty encourage students to work together, inside and outside of the classroom. “We encourage our students to embrace the industry-standard of collaboration of Game Design, Graphics, Programming, Technology, and Project Management,” said Digital Gaming & Interactive Media Instructor, Phil Trumbo.
Nothing speaks more to this than the story of students, Gary Elder and Jonathan Lopez. Elder was a student in the Digital Gaming & Interactive Media program and Lopez was a student in the Information Technology Application Development (now called Computing and Software Development) program when they met at a Game Developmentclubmeetingoncampus.“Jonwasworking on 3D Point Mapping when I walked in, and I thought it was fascinating. I wondered what else we could do if we worked together,” commented Elder. The two combined forces and collaborated on the creation of an Augmented Reality (AR) game, called Battle Rampage.
Fast forward to the day when Elder was getting ready to  nish his program, and one of his last projects was to present his portfolio of work to a panel of industry experts, classmates, and students. One member of that panel was David Ortiz, Founder and CEO of Emortal
LWTech graduates, Jonathan Lopez and Gary Elder, worked together as students to create an augmented reality game.
Sports, a Bellevue, Wash. based company. Lopez, who attended Elder’s presentation, approached Ortiz after the presentations and asked if he could provide some advice on what he and Elder were working on. According to Lopez, Ortiz liked what he saw.
The input Ortiz provided was invaluable to guide the students in how to bring their game to market. A perfect example of collaboration, not just at the college, but also with industry leaders.
Elder and Lopez have been busy since graduating from LWTech. Elder is currently teaching computer graphics and game design in the Digital Gaming & Interactive Media Associate degree program at the college, and
not long after he graduated, Lopez is working as a developer in the Seattle area. “If I hadn’t joined the Game Development club, I wouldn’t have met Gary and David, and I wouldn’t have met the person who referred me for my current job,” said Lopez. “When you collaborate, you meet people, and those people will see you putting
in the work, who knows what will happen next.”
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