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Being a dental hygienist isn’t just about cleaning teeth; it’s about helping patients prevent disease, and promoting general health through good oral hygiene.
The Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (BASDH) program at LWTech prepares students to provide comprehensive oral healthcare to a diverse patient population.
The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, and provides students with the knowledge and technical skills to complete all state and regional licensing exams. Upon graduation, students enter the dental workforce as registered dental hygienists. This is accomplished in part by student rotations in community clinics.
“My favorite thing about this program is the clinic rotation,” said BASDH student, Alexa McCarty. “It is great to have patient contact experience, similar to what it would be like in a private dental o ce. The clinic helps prepare students for their careers after graduation.”
McCarty has assisted at several clinics while at LWTech, including Odessa Brown
Children’s Clinic, Seattle/King County Clinic, and the Dental Education in the Care of Persons with Disabilities (DECOD) clinic at the University of Washington.
“My experience working in the clinics was rewarding because I felt like I was actually making an impact on the patient’s health,” said McCarty.
“Patients at the DECOD clinic have a wide range of support needs, with some requiring only minimal or no adaptations to routine care and others requiring
a variety of supports to safely receive care,” explains Kim Espinoza, Director
of the DECOD clinic. “Students gain valuable experiences in providing care
to adults with disabilities. They learn how to help support a patient with involuntary movements or how to help an anxious patient receive care, as well as gain exposure to advanced facilitation techniques,” she added.
Regardless of where our students carry out their rotation, the con dence and skills gained from the experience is instrumental to their success after graduation.
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“It is great
to have patient contact experience, similar to what it would be like in a private dental of ce...”
Alexa McCarty, BAS in Dental Hygiene Student
dentists and dental hygienists, certi ed dental assistants, and students in the Dental Hygiene program.
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Alexa McCarty, Dental Hygiene Student
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