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Extra Classroom Support
Extra Classroom Support
Equals Success for Students
Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) is just one of the many ways that we provide academic support to increase student student success at at at LWTech Under I-BEST all students enter college courses immediately while those who who need basic skill development are supported by a a a a a a a second teacher in in the the classroom who who works specifically with them These instructors can
be English as as a a a a a a a a a Second Language (ESL) or or or Adult Basic Education (ABE) faculty These students are are further supported by curriculum changes in in which basic skills are are taught in in the the the context of of professional-technical or or or academic academic courses rather than in in isolation With more academic academic support I-BEST classes increase ABE/ESL student success so so they can
start certificates earlier complete degrees faster and gain the the the the education they need to pursue their chosen careers “I found that having two teachers in in one class is very helpful ” said ESL and and I-BEST student Xuling Fu When I I don’t understand
something in in in in class one of the teachers ESL and I-BEST classes at LWTech are full of engaging work degree in in in in Food Science and Engineering She began at LWTech by taking ESL classes to improve her her English and help her her her her overcome the language barrier but soon set her her her sights on on on advancing her her her education by pursuing the Academic I-BEST program She then spent the the next two quarters excelling in in in in her her classes receiving a a a a a a 4 0 GPA in in in in each of her her I-BEST courses “I wouldn’t have been as as successful without the the support from the the I-BEST program and my my instructors This set a a a a a a a a good foundation for my my next next step step ” said Fu That next next step step was completing the the Nursing Assistant (CNA/NAC) program and passing the the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) state exam Fu is is now in in in the the process of completing her pre- requisites for the the the Nursing associate degree program program at at LWTech and hopes to enter the the program program program in in in Spring
2020 “The I-BEST program program has really helped me by opening doors to other academic programs The extra support and assistance that I-BEST offers has made
me more confident about my future ” said Fu “English is is challenging and and it it takes a a a a a a a lot of time and and effort to learn but with the the support from the the program and instructors it’s makes
it a a a a lot easier For more information about I-BESTprograms visit LWTech edu/IBest
always help me me and explain things in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a way way that ESL students can
I can
ask more more questions and and and have more more time to to work with the the instructors and and receive feedback since there are two of them ” Fu came to LWTech a a a a a couple of years ago after moving from China in in in 2015 where she had earned a a a a a a a a bachelor’s
"The I-BEST program has really helped me by opening doors to other academic 9 | Lake Washington Institute of Technology
programs " –Xuling Fu Nursing Program Student 

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