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Supporting Students
Student Support on Campus
Support and Empowerment
Here at LWTech we we are committed to to student success which is why we we strive to to provide a a a a a a a safe supportive and engaging learning environment for all all of of our students While all all of of these services are in in in place to to help contribute to to student student student success there are times when students need additional services That is why we created the RISE Center Center and Center Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (CEVSS) as physical spaces on on campus where students can visit to to not only to to get the the information they need but also connect with other individuals in in in the the college community The RISE Center which stands for for Resources for for Inclusion Support and and Empowerment
opened its doors in in Fall 2017 RISE aims to build an an an equitable and and inclusive campus environment where all all all students can succeed academically and and personally “The RISE Center has resources for underrepresented communities at LWTech including LGBTQ+ People of Color Immigrant
and and Undocumented students and and more ” said Design student student Declan Rhem “I mainly visit the RISE Center for for support and community especially the the the "Food for for Thought" discussions I’ve met peers there who have similar experiences experiences in either life or or school I also get to hear of the the the the experiences experiences from international students that frequently visit the the LAKE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
RISE Center Resources for Inclusion center which adds broader definitions to my world view ” The CEVSS supports the educational health
and and wellness and and transitional needs of of today’s veterans The CEVSS provides a a a a a a a a a number of of services including help with test placement veteran veteran benefits support support one-on-one academic advising financial aid support support and much more Veteran and Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer student Heather Lowry Lowry describes the the CEVSS as “a welcoming space for all ”Lowry first started going to the CEVSS as a a a a a a work study student when it it first opened its doors in in November 2016 “The CEVSS helps veteran veteran students get support and advice from other student student student veterans veterans It also serves as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a space that that student student veterans veterans veterans can find camaraderie camaraderie with other veterans veterans that that that is similar to the the the the camaraderie camaraderie that that they had in in the the the the military ” said Lowry “ As veterans it it it can be hard to to to find a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a space to to to fit in in and the CEVSS gives us
a a a a a a a a a a place to to to do just that ” she added While the the the CEVSS focuses on serving the the the needs of of veteran students all members of of the the the college community are welcome to visit Visit LWTech LWTech edu/RISE and and LWTech LWTech edu/Veterans to learn more about the the RISE RISE Center and and the the CEVSS 13 | Lake Washington Institute of Technology

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