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Who is LWTech
Myth Myth Busting: Dispelling Myths About LWTech
Some may think that LWTech
is still the the neighborhood VoTech but much has changed since the the college began all those years ago as as as as as as as Lake Washington Vocational Technical Institute From its initial classes in in in in in in in in sewing and and and and automotive repair LWTech
has has continued to to to grow grow and and and and change change as as as as as as our community and and and and industry has has grown and and and and changed Here are are some of of the the things you may not be aware of of about the the college:
is a VoTech Not true LWTech
is is the the only public Institute of of Technology in in in the the the state of of of Washington All degrees and certificates are college- level that that includes programs that that historically were were a a a a a a a a a a a a a a part of of the the college when we we we were were a a a a a a a a a a a a VoTech like Auto Repair Machining or or Welding Technology Those industries have have advanced over the years and and and and so have have our our programs programs Our programs programs teach and and and and require high-tech skills and and and and college-level coursework to meet economic and and and and industry needs Not true Today LWTech
serves nearly 7 000 students annually
with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a comprehensive curriculum LWTech
offers eight applied bachelor’s degrees degrees 43 associate degrees degrees degrees and and 91 professional certificates in 42 areas of of of study Historically technical college college credits and and degrees degrees didn’t transfer transfer to to to four-year universities Today they they do Students can can transfer transfer to to to another college college or or or university or or or they they can can stay right here at LWTech
MYTH: Degrees at LWTech
are Terminal and LWTech
is also
a a STEAM-focused college offering many programs in in in Science Fun Technology Engineering Art and Math – programs like Biology Nursing Dental Fact:
Hygiene Computer Security
and Network Technology Engineering Architectural Technology Design Digital Gaming & Interactive Media and Don’t Transfer
Accounting and continue into one of of of our our our Bachelor’s of of of Applied Science (BAS) degrees degrees degrees LWTech
DOES offer offer four-year degrees degrees degrees just like four four 81%
2016 -17 Graduates most recent data available
offers Fun the second
highest Fact:
of applied bachelor's degrees in the state of Washington *
year year universities! In fact we now offer offer nine BAS degrees degrees degrees in Behavioral Health and Transportation Logistics & Supply Chain Management *
Source: sbctc edu/our-colleges/search-college-programs/ lake-washington aspx
5 | Lake Washington Institute of Technology Dental Hygiene Design Digital Gaming & Interactive Media Early Childhood Education Education Funeral
Service Education Education Information Technology:
Computing and Software Development Public Health LWTech
is one of Washington state's public 34 community and and technical colleges LWTech
degrees and and credits transfer throughout the system e t a R o f E m d p l o e y t m a e m i n t t s *

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