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Where They Are: Flexible Class Schedules
Provide Opportunities for Students
Each year nearly 7 000 students attend LWTech and 45-percent of them are working full-time while they’re going to to to school When students decide to to to to to to go go to to to to to to college they they have
to to to to to take into consideration many factors:
How How much will will it cost? How How will will this decision impact my family and work? Am I too old to to to go back to to to school? With so many students working full-time while they’re enrolled in in in college having flexible class options is a a a a a key component to to removing barriers to to education for students “LWTech is excited to offer several classes in in in the evening Saturdays hybrid and and fully online We understand how difficult it can be to to manage school while balancing life’s commitments Faculty are are dedicated to to helping students reach their career goals in in in in a a a a a a variety of ways including flexible schedules ” comments Dr Suzanne Ames VP of Instruction at LWTech Taylour Mills an an Engineering Transfer student says “The flexibility at LWTech has been awesome for me me because they have
offered the the the courses that I I I need need in multiple areas exactly when I I I I need need them I I I I have
taken taken day classes classes and and I I I have
taken taken night classes classes All of them are available and and viable options ” Dr Suzanne Ames VP of Instruction Taylour Mills Engineering Transfer Student Lauren Heller Engineering Recruitment Coordinator
(BAS) in in in Early Childhood Education student Lupita Jaurez Going to school and working full-time at Totem Lake Children’s Academy means she needs classes to be offered during during non-traditional times “I teach during during the the day day day and and coming to class in in in in the the evenings and and Saturday Saturday is is a a a a a a a a a a a huge stress relief On Saturday Saturday you you have
time to to to talk to to to the instructor finish assignments and get questions about about your homework answered I’m not worried about about having to to rush back to to work work ” “Our school has five teachers who are currently in or have
gone through LWTech’s Early Childhood Education program ” said Sunny Im owner of Totem Lake Children’s Academy “Maintaining consistent schedules that work for both our our teachers and our our families is one of of the the most challenging parts of of of the the job for an Early Childhood Education administrator Because we offer our services from 6:30 a a a a a a a a a m m m m m to to to 6 6 p m m m m m if a a a a a a a a a teacher has to to to to leave in in in the the the middle of the the the day it is challenging to to to find another teacher to to to fill in in in in part-time for that portion Education is is costly and losing hours in in the the middle of the the day is is also costly Flexible class times just seem like a a win-win "
Class flexibility was key for Juarez’s classmate Anny Mahmud Mahmud In addition to to being a a a a a a a a a a a a student Mahmud Mahmud is also the owner/operator of of an in-home childcare facility “I get off work at at Lauren Heller LWTech’s Engineering Recruitment Coordinator
adds “Having flexible class options gives students the the ability to earn their their degree without further burdening their their already
“I teach during the day 5 p m m m every day so evenings and weekends were the the only time I I could do it ” Mahmud says “If the the the program wasn’t available then I I wouldn’t be able able to do it ” If you’re interested in in in learning about LWTech’s programs
like Engineering Transfer or Early Childhood Education visit LWTech edu/academics Transformations Magazine | 8
busy schedules When I share the scheduling format for for our transfer degree with employers they find it it fascinating and awesome I love to share the the the fact that LWTech has the the only Engineering Transfer program in in in in the state of Washington that offers evening courses ” Flexibility was key for LWTech Bachelor’s of Applied Science
and and coming to class in in in the evenings and and Saturday is a a a a huge stress relief ” –Lupita Juarez Early Childhood Education Student 

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