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  Myth: My grades don’t matter if I am transferring. False. Various programs at colleges and universities have minimum program GPA requirements
before enrolling into the program.
“Your GPA does matter,” said Mills, LWTech Engineering Transfer alumna. “Your GPA needs to be high enough to transfer into specific programs at universities. Plus, if your GPA is high enough, you can
qualify for transfer specific scholarships.”
Myth: I won’t graduate in four years.
False. Students who enroll at LWTech can start studying in their major program on their first day! Students who graduate with a DTA/MRP or AAS-T degree transfer into a four-year program with junior status at a participating college or university.
“I graduated on time,” said Megan Clinesmith, LWTech Architecture Technology alumna. “I did take one or two classes over the summer semester, especially being the first student in my program to transfer in my program agreement.”
Myth: Transferring to a four-year university is hard.
False. Our Student Success Navigators (advisors) are available to assist you and walk you through the transfer process to ensure you have a smooth transition. You
can talk with an advisor by scheduling an appointment at
“Transferring is not that hard,” said Yutaro Sakai, LWTech Architecture Technology alum. “If you are motivated and passionate about the career path you are pursuing, you will achieve your goals.”
Myth: It will look negative on my future resume if I transfer schools.
False. At LWTech, we work with over 400 Industry partners and community- based organizations who are always looking to hire LWTech students.
“Transferring from LWTech to WSU was never a concern to my employers,” said Clinesmith, LWTech Architecture Technology alumna. “My employer actually knows my former Architecture Technology instructor and was looking to hire LWTech students.”
Myth: Community and Technical colleges are only for people who want a vocational or technical job.
False. LWTech offers 10 applied bachelor’s degrees, more than 40 associate degrees, and 93 professional certificates in 43 areas of study, including in STEM-focused programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
“At LWTech students can transfer to universities,” said Sakai, LWTech international Architecture Technology alum. “Universities teach you practical things but don’t teach you the hands-on aspects like community colleges do. Students who come to LWTech to transfer are prepared for the university they are transferring into and a job in the field they are studying.”
To learn more about LWTech’s transfer programs visit
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