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                                           Keeping humanity healthy, worldwide, is a rewarding full time job!
       Prior to COVID-19, not many people knew the role public health professionals had in the community. But as the COVID-19 spread across the U.S., our Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health program saw a surge in student enrollment.
The program is led by one of two epidemiologists at the college who bring real-world experience directly from the public health field. By offering the only applied bachelor’s degree in public health, at a community or technical college in the state of Washington, we serve our community by offering a degree option that is current, relevant and affordable.
Public Health
certified health education specialist examination upon completion of the program.
The program was designed with working students
in mind, so classes are available in the evening too, which allows students the opportunity to go to school at the same time as working either full or part- time. Classes are taught by faculty who also work
in public health in the Seattle area, and classes are small, usually with no more than 24 students.
The curriculum covers, in-depth, the Eight Areas of Responsibility for community health education specialists. Students learn how to read surveys, analyze data, calculate vaccine effectiveness, and much more. When it comes to connecting with Industry, students in the program have a unique opportunity through their capstone projects
to volunteer in their local community and work alongside public health professionals.
“I chose to study public health because I care about people,” said Sabrina Do, LWTech Public Health student. “Being a part of this program makes me excited to think that I can make positive contributions to my community.”
To learn more about the LWTech Public Health program, visit
                “With jobs in community health education expected to rise by 13% by 2029, I don’t see enrollment slowing down,” said Dr. Gayle Shimokura, epidemiologist and chair of
“Being a part of this program
      the LWTech Public Health program. “Because everyone has been impacted in some way, more people are now seeing a career in public health as an option.”
LWTech’s updated curriculum
is designed to match growing Industry need, so that students are prepared to sit for the national
makes me excited to
think that I can make
positive contributions
to my community.”
–Sabrina Do,
LWTech Public Health student

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