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  Student Support Services
At LWTech, we understand that each and every student we meet comes with a valuable and unique perspective. Which is why we offer many meaningful student support services like TRIO, the RISE Center, Disability Support Services and Veterans Services have staff who are committed to student success, and are ready to meet students where they are.
Disability Support Services
LWTech’s Disability Support Services (DSS) works to ensure students with
disabilities have an equal opportunity in educational and co-curricular offerings through our Accommodation Process. The Accommodation Process is student-centered and individualized for each and every student.
The transition to college can be challenging for adults with disabilities. LWTech’s DSS is here to support you.
Learn more about DSS at Veteran Services
The Veteran Center, officially known
as the Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (CEVSS), supports the educational, health and wellness, and transitional needs of
today’s veterans. The CEVSS provides a number of services, including
help with test placement, veteran benefits support, one-on-one academic advising, financial aid support, and much more.
Learn more about the CEVSS at
 TRIO, a federally funded grant program, provides tutoring,
         financial literacy and academic advising to more than 300 students at LWTech who are first generation or are students with disabilities.
In addition to providing academic support,
TRIO provides a safe space for all students to ask questions, and to find other resources as needed.
Learn more about TRIO at The RISE Center
Support, and Empowerment
The RISE Center, which stands for Resources for Inclusion, Support and Empowerment, opened its doors in the Fall of 2017 to serve as a resource for LGBTQIA+, People of Color, Immigrant and Undocumented students.
The RISE Center is just one of many physical spaces on campus where students can visit to not only gather information on resources but to also connect with other students in the college community.
Learn more about the RISE Center at
RISE Center Resources for Inclusion,
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