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Supporting Students Through Campus Initiatives
LWTech LWTech is is a a a a a a a a a public two-year institution that primarily grants associate degrees and and certificates LWTech LWTech is is accredited at at at at at both the the Associate and and Baccalaureate Degree levels by the the Northwest Commission on on Colleges and and Universities Students can choose from 3 3 baccalaureate degrees degrees 40 associate degrees degrees and and 83 professional certificates in 50 areas of of study LWTech is committed to supporting student achievement through a a a a a a a variety of campus initiatives including: grant development the the the Completion Initiative the the the Equity Diversity and and Inclusion Plan Plan (EDIP) and and the the the college’s Strategic Plan Grants
LWTech LWTech supports student success through the the pursuit of grants and other outside partnerships In 2015 LWTech LWTech received two grant grant awards from the the the National Science Foundation (NSF) totaling nearly $800 000 This is is the the the the first time LWTech has received funding from the the the NSF NSF NSF With the the the launch of of The Future Future Tech Tech Tech Tech Stars Stars NSF NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program (Future Tech Tech Tech Stars) LWTech will offer $500 000 in scholarships over four years to academically-talented and low-income non-traditional students in in in in high-wage high- high- demand Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM) disciplines The included fields are: multimedia design and and and production digital gaming information technology and and and and applications development and and and computer security and and and network technology The NSF also awarded LWTech $199 380 to to launch the Pacific Northwest Photonics Photonics Technology Technology Project (PNW Photonics) As the only public Institute of Technology Technology in in Washington LWTech is uniquely positioned to to to develop the the the first two-year photonics program in the the the state Photonics technology is is is the the the practical application of light including lasers This program is is is also supported by grant funding from the the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) Under the the SBCTC’s Aerospace Special Projects program LWTech will produce photonics technicians ready to to meet the demands of our regional aerospace employers LWTech also received funding from the Department of Education Education to support our on-campus TRiO program In 2014-2015 the Department of Education Education funded TRiO at at at at just over $444 000 It is is a a a a a a a a a a federal program that assists first-generation and/or low-income students students or or students students with disabilities in in in achieving their post- secondary academic ambition The mission of of the the TRiO Projects at at at Lake Washington Institute of of Technology is is to to increase the retention graduation and transfer rates
of eligible students This is is is accomplished by providing supportive services such as tutoring academic academic counseling educational planning academic academic success workshops The Learning Lab financial education education and transfer assistance Strategic Plan In September of 2012 LWTech embarked on on a a a a a a year- long process to develop a a a a a a a a a new Strategic Plan This plan approved by by the the Board of of Trustees in September of of 2013 is a a a a a a a a five-year plan guided by by the the the college’s four core themes: student achievement pathways college college community and external engagement Following approval of of of the the plan plan in in in fall of of of 2013 the the college began its first-ever assessment of of of strategic planning goals and strategies Led by the Institutional Effectiveness

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