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Each year hundreds of of students are able to to to enroll in in a a a a a a a a a program at Lake Washington Institute of of Technology to to to get get the the the the education that that will help them get get a a a a a a a job learn the the the the skills skills that that employers need or update their skills skills as technology advances Your generosity provides the the the scholarships and emergency help they need to ful ll their dreams On behalf of the Foundation and all who bene t t t t thank you!
Howard and Carol Merchant
Howard and Diana Suzuki
James James Fitzgerald James James James J J J J Howe
James James James Nevers
James James Stanton
Jan Harper
Jeff Jeff and Merrie Tomlin Jeff Jeff Peterson
Jerry Smith Jo Jo A Nelson
Joanne Primavera Joel L Relethford John and Belinda Sherwood Councilmember John and and Bettina Stokes John John and and and Janet Pruitt John John John and and and Kay Sharf John John John and and Rochelle Hill John John John Barnett
John John Carey Councilmember John John Chelminiak John John John Evans
Johns Monroe
Kolouskova PLLC Josh P Maher
Juan and Hilary Aragon Kae Peterson
Katherine Conant
Keith Atneosen
Kerry Read
Kevin and Marianna Hanefeld Kevin Kevin and Patty Hansen Dr Kevin Kevin McCarthy Kinnon W W W Williams Williams Kristina Williams Williams Laura S Wildfong
Laurene Burton
Leon and Diane Libby Linda Kosin
LWTech Social
and Human
Program Mac Chavarria and Jane Turlo
Majdi and and Dana Daher Mark and and Nancy Pellegrino Marty and Sherry Calvert Mary Mary Evans
Mary Mary Mary Jane Sitz
Mary Mary Jones Maureen Stockmann Michael and Allyson McGuire Michael and Minerva Butler Michael Royston Michelle L Berry Morgan Schulte Nazanin Nabaie
The Honorable Renee
R Sinclair Richard and Heidi Bardue
Richard Richard Bergdahl Richard Richard Richard Cordray
Richard Richard Ostrander Robert Robert D Mandy
Robert Robert Robert Golden
Robert Robert Robert Green Robert Robert Hedequist Robyn D Henderson Roger and and and Sandra Talkov Ronald and and Kathleen Witte Rep Ross Hunter Dr Ruby A Hayden Sarah Langton Scott Becker
Scott Scott Bond
Scott Scott Scott Peterson
Scott Scott Vande Zande Seattle Goodwill
Seattle Rod-Tiques Shag and and Wanda Clark Clark Sharon A Clark Shaun Hughbanks Sherman and Dr Traci Pierce Stephen Stephen Bozick Stephen Stephen Moller Moller and Susan Aaron Moller Moller Stephen St St St George Steve Steve and Wendy Cole Steve Steve Steve Bredeweg Steve Steve Martin Susan Kostick Tammie Bennett Tanya Labrensz Taylor Kao Councilmember Toby Nixon
Tom Nielsen
Umesh Unnikrishnan Vicky Nollette William and Jean Reynolds William William Ballantine William William F Thomas Yair A Griver
Gifts up to $100 Anonymous Blake D Holaday Carolyn Schaefer Dean and Kathleen Allard Derek L Edwards
Heidi F Shepherd Jake Haupert
Jim and and Leigh Hazen John White and and Joan Whittler White White Karen Taylor Katie Shaffer
Kim Kim Alexander
Dr Kim Kim M Infinger Kristan Gonzales Representative Larry
Springer and Deputy
Mayor Penny Sweet Lonnie and Helen Meadows Lynne Cameron Michael Brent
Mikal L Steinbacher Patrick Tefft
Perdita Goodenow Raymond Harper
Richard and Norma Line Robert Sampson
Roger Rote Sarah Kingma Councilmember Shelley Kloba Shine Fitness
Susan L Fields Tara James Theodore Williams Timothy Stites
In-Kind Donors
to the LWTech Foundation Bill Ferguson Bryce Luke Daniel Delorey David Larson Eloise Evans
EverGreen Escapes Ford - Hyundai of Kirkland
Gecko Wine Company Highline College Huawei Enterprise Hunter Industries
Inc Jason Foster
John Vickland
LKQ Keystone
Automotive Industries
Mary Kay Wilson Michelle Sheppard Microsoft Corporation Morfab Company Inc North North Seattle College Northwest Northwest Cellars Northwest Northwest Nurseries Nucor Steel
Parametric Engineered Portfolio Solutions
Parts Channel Inc Paul Pew
Peggy Liu
Rain Bird Corporation Robert Rothermil Shawn Sullivan
Starbucks Towing Sylvia Dunham Teddy Overleese Teresa Pierce Tim Arnold
Virginia Guess Williams Northwest Pipeline Co 19
We apologize if if we have omitted or misspelled your name please notify us at at foundation@lwtech edu so we can correct our our records We will publish donor names in our our Annual Report unless you you tell us you you wish to remain anonymous The LWTech Foundation Foundation (also known as as as as the Lake Washington College Foundation) is classified as as as as a a a a a a a a a 501 (c)(3) organization Your gifts are tax deductible within the the limits of the the law 

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