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Student Achievement
Taking Lessons Learned in in the the Classroom Into the the Community and Beyond
There’s more to the the college experience at LWTech than sitting in in in the the the classroom classroom or or or lab Students are encouraged to reach outside of the the the classroom classroom for new and challenging educational experiences Whether that’s competing with other college students in in in in in the the the the Culinary Knowledge Bowl or or being named to to the the the All-Washington Academic Team
for Phi Theta Kappa LWTech students achieve success in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a multitude of of ways
Below is is a a a a a a a a a a a a small sampling of of the great work our students achieved over this past year Community Service
One of the most rewarding ways
in in in which LWTech prepares students students for for today’s careers is by serving the the community while providing opportunity for for our students students and and alumni to showcase their skills In February LWTech Dental Hygiene students and and and alums provided dental dental exams and and dental dental sealants to more than 55 children in in in in our community resulting in in in over $15 000 in in in care!
The LWTech Culinary Knowledge Bowl Team
won regionals and received a a a a a a a a a a a a a bronze medal at at at nationals in in in in the American Culinary Culinary Federation (ACF) Culinary Culinary Knowledge Bowl Salon Competition at Bellingham Technical College The cooking competition was for students and professionals who showcased their their skills in in in multiple categories categories Five of of our students medaled in in their their categories categories Recognition
This past year LWTech Social and and and Human Services students Kim McGillivray and and and Amanda Pelly were named to to the Phi Theta Kappa 2015 All-Washington Academic Team
and received scholarships Pictured Left to Right are: Cyrus Hovey faculty member Don Dale Annemarie Campbell and Michael Fisher Students from LWTech’s Motorcycle Marine
and Power Equipment Service
Technology Programs placed 1st
in their respective categories at at SkillsUSA!
Six LWTech students competed at the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Washington State Chefs Association Culinary Pictured Left-to-Right (back row) Board of Trustees Members Anne Hamilton Darrell S Mitsunaga Neil A A Johnson student Kim McGillivray Board of Trustees Lynette D D D Jones Bruce J J J Reid LWTech President Dr Amy Morrison Goings Pictured in in front student Amanda Pelly LWTech Human Resources students placed first at at the Northwest HR HR Management Association (NHRMA) Student Conference and Case Competition Lion’s Pride Recognition
Two times a a a a a a a a year students and faculty put together the the the online student student magazine Lion’s Pride Available to to the the the public at www lwtech edu/pride it it showcases diversity in media topics programs and students 

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