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External Engagement
Creating Sustainable Relationships with Community and Business Leaders Builds Direct Pathways to Industry for LWTech Students
It’s always a a a a a a a a a a a pleasure to to to welcome guests to to to our our campus to to to learn about our our students programs faculty and staff This past year was no exception President Morrison Goings and and and members of LWTech’s faculty and and and staff attended community community meetings conferences and and and and provided tours
to to members of our our community community business leaders and and and congressional and and senate representatives The following is a a a a a brief overview of of some of of those meetings Community and Business Leaders Over the the past year President Morrison Goings and and members of the the faculty and and and staff met with many community and and and business leaders including but not limited to: Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen John Fluke of PACCAR Bob Malte President President EvergreenHealth Daniel Church President President Bastyr University Umesh Unnikrishna from Google Irene Plenefisch Government Affairs Director Director Microsoft Jeff Lockhart Executive Executive Director Director Director Kirkland Performance Center Kae Peterson Executive Executive Director Director EvergreenHealth Foundation Janice Johnson Sr Vice President Nove International Dean Allen CEO McKinstry Loren Lyon President President President Impact Washington Glenn Bower President President President ISoftStone Mike Schutzler President President President Washington Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) David Giuliani Chairman Washington Washington Business Alliance and Janis Avery CEO Treehouse Congressional and Senate Representatives
Nataly Morales Greater King County Director at at at at at U S S Senator Patty Murray’s office visited campus and toured the Gaming BTAD Machine Technology Technology Welding Electronics Dental Culinary and Motorcycle Technology Technology labs Kelly Brown and Mark Laisch U S S Senate Appropriations Committee staff visited campus to discuss our veterans programs Adult Basic Education and worker retraining Congresswoman Suzan DelBene joined the largest LWTech graduating
class and and their family and and friends faculty and staff at commencement as our 2014-2015 commencement speaker Nataly Morales visits Machine Technology during a a a a a campus tour Meetings Hosted on Campus
Several times during the the year community groups and organizations hold meetings on on on the the LWTech campus This past year was no exception Each month The Kiertsu Forum a a a a a a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors investors venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors investors holds its monthly member meeting on on on campus The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS) held its meeting on campus to discuss manufacturing workforce needs of the community The City of Kirkland Kirkland Kirkland held its Kirkland Kirkland Kirkland Business Roundtable meeting on campus and and and and and several Kirkland Kirkland Kirkland City Council members the the Mayor city officials and and and business leaders attended the the meeting Startup Weekend Weekend Makers Edition and Bootcamp were held on on campus last fall Start Start Up Weekend Weekend is a a a a a a a a a a a 54-
hour event that brings together Kirkland designers developers entrepreneurs and and experts from all domains 89

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