Page 9 - LWTech 2014-2015 Annual Report
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The Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce also held their Business Networking lunch at at the the Chef City Grill in in in June Finally the President’s Advisory Council which is is is comprised of business leaders met quarterly on campus International Delegations and Programs
In 2014-2015 LWTech welcomed the following international delegations and program groups to campus: Korea Polytechnics (KOPO) Changle No 2 Middle School School China West African Vocational Schools (WAVS) Guinea Bissau Longquanyi Bureau of Education: Instructor Instructor Training Changle No 2 Middle School: English Instructor Instructor Exchange Scholars Hokkaido Information University: Short Term Language & Cultural Program and Kanagawa Institute of Technology Japan: Multimedia Design & Production Workshop In addition to to welcoming guests to to campus in in in late November President Morrison Goings led a a a a a a a a a a delegation that included Dr Kevin McCarthy Sarah Ross and McKelle Hilber to to visit several partner sites in in in in in China for the the purpose of relationship building Visits to to to the the Longquanyi Education Bureau Chengdu Auto Vocational Technical School School School Tongling No No 1 Senior High School School School and Changle No No 2 Middle School School School included mutually informative meetings with leadership campus tours
classroom visits and discussions of of areas of of common mission Meetings with Legislators
During the the first three months of 2015 President Morrison Goings met with the the following legislators in in in in in Olympia: Rep Rep Rep Bergquist Rep Rep Rep Rep McBride Sen Sen Sen Sen McAuliffe Rep Rep Rep Rep Springer Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Rep Pollet Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Frockt Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Cleveland Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Hasegawa Rep Rep Rep Rep Magendanz Rep Rep Rep Rep Moscoso Rep Rep Rep Rep Senn and and and Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Hill Jim Howe Faculty Union Union President President and and Judy Mattson Classified Union Union joined President President Goings at at the meetings President Morrison Goings also participated in in the the Five-Star Legislative Legislative Reception and and the the State Board of Community and and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) Legislative Legislative Reception (both in in Olympia) The focus of the the the meeting with legislators was the the the SBCTC budget especially the the the need for for Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA’s) for for State Community and and Technical College faculty and and staff 

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