Page 11 - LWTech 2015-2016 Annual Report
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Completion Initiative
The Completion Initiative is a multi-year plan focused
on improving the rate at which LWTech students attain degrees or certificates. The Completion Initiative focuses on high-impact practices using institutional data to inform how and where we make changes to college policies, procedures, programming, and staffing.
The 2015-16 academic year showed tremendous strides in implementing next steps to improve student success. The pilot of case-managed advising showed consistent gains across all programs (up to a six-percent increase in student retention) and the college moved this model to all advising departments. Requiring case-managed advising provides improved services for students and faculty by establishing a single point of contact in student services.
The college also developed Degree Maps so that students can easily understand the transfer pathways available to them. With these degree maps (which will be posted on each program page as they are completed), students will be able to see all transfer options. LWTech currently offers at least one transfer opportunity to students in every associate degree program, and most programs have multiple options.
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan
In May 2015, LWTech adopted our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan (EDIP). The EDIP provides a roadmap for work through fall 2017. To focus on this work, the college formed the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee (EDIAC).
Accomplished tasks in 2015-2016 include the following: establishing a Multicultural Center; recommending a job description for a Cabinet-Level position for diversity and equity, such as an Executive Director/Chief Diversity and Equity Officer; recommending roles and responsibilities
of an Ombudsperson; professional development opportunities related to equity, diversity, and inclusion for all; creating a diversity webpage; and recommending that EDIAC members serve on hiring committees for all full- time faculty hires.
Strategic Plan
The 2013-2017 plan is guided by the college’s four core themes (Pathways, Student Achievement, External Engagement, and College Community), and articulates the long-term vision for LWTech, and steers the college’s decisions.
In 2015-16, LWTech conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the plan and developed an internal performance monitoring and tracking system. Performance tracking is updated on a regular basis and evaluators work closely with departments to develop and refine metrics aligned with strategic planning goals and department activities. Highlights from 2015-16 include new case-managed advising for all academic programs, new institutional grants awarded, a new website, new marketing campaigns, and increased employee satisfaction.

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