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Student Feature: Feliz Arana
Each Year, the Foundation provides hundreds of merit and need-based scholarships for students enrolled or enrolling at LWTech. In this last academic year, the Foundation awarded more than $173,524 in scholarships and over $15,000 in emergency assistance to students in need. These scholarships can make the difference in whether students are able to complete their programs or not.
Feliz Arana has a busy life. She’s a full-time Certified Nursing Assistant by night at Harborview Medical Center, and a Pre-Nursing student by day at LWTech. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also a mom with two boys ages two and three.
Arana’s journey hasn’t been easy. Before she came to LWTech to study Pre-Nursing, she’d taken classes at three other community colleges. Not only was she taking classes, she was doing so while she was homeless off and on and working at a convenience store. This caused her to withdraw from college several times and re-take classes. A shelter in Tacoma helped her find a place to live near LWTech, and after visiting LWTech’s website, she decided she was ready to set her future by registering for the Nursing two-year transfer program, which prepares students for applying to a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program.
But financial struggles were making it difficult for Arana to persevere through her studies. LWTech Trustee
Anne Hamilton, with the support of Neil Johnson and
the Board of Trustees, created a Trustees’ Persistence Scholarship for students just like Arana to help them achieve their educational goals. This scholarship is for students who demonstrate persistence and overcome hardships to complete their degree, no matter what
it takes. Arana received the scholarship through the Foundation, which awarded her $500 during her first quarter, and upon degree completion, she will receive another $500.
“This scholarship allowed me to purchase the things
I needed for my class. It took a huge weight off my shoulders for sure. I had all of my books and supplies for the quarter. I was blessed to receive scholarships from the Foundation the first time I applied. I am forever thankful and will continue to apply as long as I am here at LWTech. I want to thank the donors and the Foundation for this opportunity,” said Arana.
Now Arana is setting more goals and on her way to complete her degree. Once she graduates, she’d like to work at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, perhaps in Labor and Delivery.
“Feliz Arana is a great example of a student who benefits from our scholarships. She is truly an inspiration to so many. I can’t wait to see what she does next. I know she’s going to make a difference in so many lives,” said Anne Hamilton, LWTech Board of Trustees.

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